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27th May 2017, Słupsk, Motor Rock Pub

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LILITH more than Gothic and Metal

Lilith is a band of top Polish bands prog-gothic. Formation was established in early 1998 in Poznan. Achievements over 15 years of existence the band has five albums with a wide spectrum of music: electronic images from the heavy guitar riffs. With time, Lilith music is becoming more progressive in nature.

Team owes its popularity to such works as Noc (The Night), Ostatnie łzy (Last Tears) and Pierwsza Ewa (First Eve), who still in the almost popular polish MP3 server reached the level reaching half a million downloads and made Lilith top light heavyweight metal band genre. The latest works has been enthusiastically received attention.

A turning point in the history of the band was gaining 1 place on Mayday Rock Festival, where - in competition with 89 bands from across the Polish - Lilith has proven its outstanding.
Another event was the participation in the scene Music Store Festival, after which the band received a proposal for signing a contract with Universal Music Poland.
Great honor for the band was also a joint tour with Chris May - guitarist The Sisters Of Mercy - the Polish arrived in 2006 with his solo project called Robochrist.

Lilith activity manifests itself in various forms of activities, including their performance the band supported the Orange Revolution on the steps of giving a concert hall in Poznan, which was broadcast live by TVP. In addition, there was, in many radio stations as well as accumulated through their own Internet service a few thousand fanclub.

The last album the band is released in 2013, Oscar's effort Alter Ego album. Album is distributed both at home and abroad, and his promotion was supported by a number of concerts.

Currently the team is working on her next album.

Band members:  
Tomasz Bafan Baranowski, drums  
Aleksander Kubacki, keys  
Juliusz Posern-Zieliński, bass  
Agnieszka Stanisz, lead vocal  
Łukasz Weiss, guitar

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